Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies


Office supplies have changed over the last few years – from typewriter ribbons and carbon papers to printer ink and paper for copiers now. These may appear small overheads but you can still reduce these expenses by using some useful hacks and tips.

  1. You do not have to buy branded stuff for office supplies. Generic items are as good as the branded ones and are cheaper at that. You can identify a local brand and strike a deal with them for further discounts and bargains.
  2. is a website that has coupons for almost everything that you can buy online or in stores. You can use these coupons to reduce the overheads and buy stuff from the stores that provide the best discounts.
  3. Reuse and recycle. Paper is a big expense apart from being a threat to the environment. Print only what you really need to. Otherwise, stick to emails and online documents. Try to use different types of apps for storing documents online on clouds, saving the use of paper and folders.
  4. Whether you have a small business or a medium sized one, it would definitely make better financial sense to buy supplies in bulk or directly from the manufacturers. The companies selling or making these supplies will also be happy to give a good price or some discounts when you buy stuff in bulk.
  5. You can buy some used items for the office or from online stores that sell refurbished and slightly used items. You can buy used printers and furniture and so many other things that are in good condition and are available at lower prices through certain websites.

Office supplies are recurring and may add up to a substantial amount when you add the total spending over a period of time. So be frugal and use some of these tips to save money and still have all the essential supplies.