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Buying Counterfeit Goods: Laws & Resources

Do you know how these counterfeit goods are produced all over the world??

Those are produced using child laborers.  Human trafficking is done for this purpose.  They work in unsafe conditions without proper pay and physical abuse of laborers is very common.

Producing counterfeit goods is done by organized criminal groups.  They mix the counterfeit goods in the market and the sale proceeds help in money laundering activities of such groups.

Most consumers are tempted to buy counterfeit goods under the impression that they are buying luxury goods at a cheaper price.

But genuine luxury goods like bags from are available with online sellers at an offer price.

Counterfeit goods production gives more profit to criminal groups when compared to other activities like selling drugs and weapons.

Sale of counterfeit goods results in a loss of tax revenue to the government.  Items like clothing, accessories, and shoes constitute the major portion of counterfeit goods pushed into the market.

Mostly the goods are manufactured in illegal places.  The dyes, chemicals and toxic wastes are disposed of in a hazardous manner causing environmental threat.

Counterfeit medicines and food cause life-risk.

So counterfeit goods are manufactured by exploiting human resources.  Moreover, natural resources available in society are destroyed due to the pollution caused by counterfeit goods manufacture.  The counterfeit goods literally steal the original ideas and hours of hard work of designers. These goods affect employment opportunity of the workers who manufacture genuine products.

Laws of various nations all over the world view selling of counterfeit goods as a punishable offense.  Since these goods affect the security of the nation, anything from imprisonment to fine is given as punishment for the offenders.  Even buying counterfeit goods is not punishable in many nations.  But when one thinks about the consequence of funding such crime groups, these goods should never be encouraged in the market.…

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