Month: January 2019

Top Ten Health Risks for Men

Each and every day is different and the living standard and the eating habits of the individual are changing at a rapid speed and these changes paved the growth as well as some adverse effects in the body both in men and in women.  Though there are complications for both men and women they need to check out certain remedies to get rid of these complications so that they can have a healthy life in the future.

Both men and women need to focus on the lifestyle as well as healthy eating habits since these are the root causes of various health disorders in the life of the individual.  It is necessary to change the eating habits into a healthier way as eating habits play a crucial role in the health of the individual.

You can find many people often suffering from many health disorders too early for their ages may be above 40, with the disorders like cardiovascular arrest, increased blood pressure, blood sugar levels etc.  All these are due to the changes in the lifestyle and change in the consumption of food items.

The holistic board offers suggestions and remedies on various health issues and one can get enough information regarding any aspects of life.

Here are some of the top ten health risks of life;

  • Alcohol consumption may lead to liver and kidney damages in men due to addiction and often find it difficult to avoid this bad habit.
  • Respiratory illnesses which affect mainly lungs due to continuous smoking.
  • A cardiovascular arrest is common in men due to increased stress level in the work.
  • Skin diseases as they don’t have time to concentrate on the health aspects.
  • Liver damages due to frequent consumption of outside food.
  • Diabetes is a major cause due to an increased level of blood sugar levels and this may be due to increased stress.
  • Confusion, anxiety may also result in sexual disorders.
  • HIV/ AIDs may also result due to unhealthy sexual practices.
  • Accidents due to increased traveling across many areas due to the nature of the job.
  • Depression and increased stress level due to the unsatisfied job and increased work pressure.
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Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies

Office supplies have changed over the last few years – from typewriter ribbons and carbon papers to printer ink and paper for copiers now. These may appear small overheads but you can still reduce these expenses by using some useful hacks and tips.

  1. You do not have to buy branded stuff for office supplies. Generic items are as good as the branded ones and are cheaper at that. You can identify a local brand and strike a deal with them for further discounts and bargains.
  2. is a website that has coupons for almost everything that you can buy online or in stores. You can use these coupons to reduce the overheads and buy stuff from the stores that provide the best discounts.
  3. Reuse and recycle. Paper is a big expense apart from being a threat to the environment. Print only what you really need to. Otherwise, stick to emails and online documents. Try to use different types of apps for storing documents online on clouds, saving the use of paper and folders.
  4. Whether you have a small business or a medium sized one, it would definitely make better financial sense to buy supplies in bulk or directly from the manufacturers. The companies selling or making these supplies will also be happy to give a good price or some discounts when you buy stuff in bulk.
  5. You can buy some used items for the office or from online stores that sell refurbished and slightly used items. You can buy used printers and furniture and so many other things that are in good condition and are available at lower prices through certain websites.

Office supplies are recurring and may add up to a substantial amount when you add the total spending over a period of time. So be frugal and use some of these tips to save money and still have all the essential supplies.

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Relocating Your Business: 5 Things to Consider

Starting a business is a real challenge and can take a considerable amount of time for you to actually see some profits and success. When you are doing well, you may have to move to another city due to personal reasons or just shift the office premises. Relocating your business, no matter how big or small the relocation is, definitely needs a lot of effort and considerations to ensure business does not get affected.

Here are 5 things you ought to consider while doing it:


What is your new market going to be? How will it differ from your current market? If it is similar, how similar will it be and what are the changes you may have to make in the business style, marketing style, etc?


Who are your customers in this new market? Who will be your target audience and what will appeal to them? Do you need to change your target audience or the way you market the business itself or make changes to your product?


You will need new employees. You will have to look at the hiring process even before you relocate because you need people the minute you relocate. If it is not a major relocation, how many of your current employees will be willing to relocate with you or do the extra commute?

Relocation Cost

What will be the cost incurred to relocate the business? This will include moving your things, room sizes (as it will decide your rentals), starting a new office, the change in rentals, cost of new things you things you may have to acquire, etc.

Time Required To Establish

When a business is uprooted and relocates, it may not flourish the same way unless it has been an online business, where location doesn’t matter. For every other business, it will have a teething period and only then will it see success. Establish the time required so that you know what you are dealing with and can wait patiently for things to fall into place.

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