Month: November 2018

A complete Guide: Starting a Fishing Guide Service Business

Starting any business makes sense only when you have the right talent and expertise in that arena. If you love boating and fishing and have years of experience, then this could be the right business for you. With improved technology, it has become a lucrative business to be a fishing guide.

If you have the passion and interest in this area, then all you need is dreamguides. It is easy to understand the requirements of this business with a little effort and you will be all set. Some of the basic aspects are as follows.

  1. Apart from loving fishing, you need to know a lot more about the natural surroundings where you intend to fish. You will be spending a lot of time on water guiding various groups, so you must have the knowledge to answer all the questions and accomplish the trips successfully.
  2. Licenses and legal aspects are critical before starting any business. So check all the requirements beforehand and then systematically get all the licenses in place. Then you can start investing in the business.
  3. Look at the various categories of people who will seek a guide for fishing; students, recreational millennials, research groups etc.
  4. Understand the various niche of fishing like the coastal, tournament and off-shore fishing areas. This will help you choose the right area and group where you will have enough business to sustain you.
  5. Review the existing businesses in the area so that you can do a feasibility analysis.
  6. Do a financial analysis as well, which is a pre-requisite for any business.
  7. Choose a good catchy name for your service
  8. Get the required insurance in place.
  9. Get some money together to buy the basic equipment and then you can look at advertising your business if you have enough money. Alternatively, you can lease some equipment in the beginning until your business starts earning money.

Once all the aspects have been thoroughly checked out and are in place, you are all set to go. Start the business with confidence and you will be doing something that you love and earning money as well.

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